The History of Pixar Animation Studios




Pixar Animation Studios is a computer-animated film company that’s been around for 30 years now. This studio changed the world of animation as we know it. Frames had been animated one at a time in traditional hand-drawn animated films up to that point. With computers, many frames can be animated at once. Plus, animators¬†can do more with computers than they could do in traditional animation, like rain. In my opinion, no other film company does computer animation justice like Pixar. Continue reading “The History of Pixar Animation Studios”

A Brief History on the Life of Walt Disney

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-7-30-49-pmWalt Disney. He was a good man, a wonderful entertainer, and the one who revolutionized what animation could do in the filmmaking business. His troupe of artists, technicians and filmmakers gave us an entertainment experience like no other. With their help, animation moved beyond just drawings and text in a book, and pushed forward to the big screen. There was no filmmaker on Earth like Walt Disney. Continue reading “A Brief History on the Life of Walt Disney”

Walt Disney World Summer Project


This summer, I got the chance to go on the Walt Disney World Summer Project. This was an opportunity for college students like me to spread God’s love to others in a wonderful, happy place. While there, I worked at the park, and went all around Orlando. I also made lots of new friends, and learned more about how much God loves me. As a result, the Summer Project showed me how I can spread God’s love to others just by doing what honors him. Continue reading “Walt Disney World Summer Project”