Iowa: Josiah Mielke’s Hometown


Iowa. The hometown of me, Josiah Mielke. I have grown up here in the farm state most of my life. In living here, I have been to many wonderful places. I will be talking about these places, and what I like about them. In addition, I will tell you why I recommend such places for anyone who visits Iowa.



I was born in Colorado, but in addition to living in Turkey for a few years, Iowa has been my home for the majority of my life. I live at 9121 NW Windsor Drive in Johnston, Iowa, and it’s a very nice home. First of all, me and my sisters each have our own bedroom. Jordan and I each have bedrooms upstairs, and Joy sleeps in the basement. In addition, we each use different bathrooms. My sisters and I use one bathroom upstairs, and my parents have a bathroom that’s connected to their bedroom upstairs.

As a result of the basement being really big, in addition to Joy’s bedroom, we can also watch movies and listen to music, house our movies and games, and it’s a great place for guests to hang out. In addition, our kitchen is right next to the living room, and we have a fireplace you can turn on and off.

In conclusion, my home is a wonderful place. There’s plenty of space to hang out, and it’s a nice little area in my hometown.




One place in my hometown that is especially relevant to me is the Adventureland theme park. It has just about every kind of ride you could want from a Ferris wheel to roller coasters, along with plenty of gift shops, restaurants and a seasonal circus. In addition, a few years ago, they added the Adventure Bay water park with big water slides, a wave pool and more fun aquatic spots.

This is a very relevant place for me, because I’ve been going there since I was a kid. My family and I have always had a good time. Therefore, if you need a place to just relax and have fun outdoors, Adventureland is the place to be when you visit Iowa: my hometown.

In addition to Adventureland, another place I recently went to is Great Escape at Pleasant Hill. They have bowling and laser tag there, and they have pretty good deals on pizza. I do recommend that place if you like any of those things.

In addition, I recommend Johnston High School for good education for your kids, the Merle Hay and Jordan Creek Malls for your shopping needs, and any movie theater in Iowa to catch a good flick.

All in all, my hometown of Iowa is a nice little place to be. There’s plenty of shopping, good restaurants and theme parks, and it’s all nice and simple. (Especially if you’re someone who likes nice and simple things)